The majority of my adulthood I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the spiritual field. I've spent years attending different classes, workshops, and certifications improving my gifts to share with the world and still continue to learn as often as possible. This past year I worked on establishing a website as well as maintaining social media accounts to start spreading the word about what I wanted to do. A few months ago I began my search for some sort of location to work out of and offer my services locally and one day I walked into a space I knew could be it! After going through all sorts of obstacles of getting the space and all the legal parts of beginning a business I commited! So with all of the emotions in my mind and heart I'm y excited t...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Today I am so excited to welcome The Serendipity Place to the public.  It has been a long journey beginning to create my company and career so with extreme happiness, here it is!  For the first 3 people who book an appointment with me I will be offering a second half hour or less service for free! Go to the service page to purchase your service and the contact section to set your appointment date. 

It's easy to think about eating well and making sure you get enough sleep everyday. But in reality how many of us are actually following through on a regular basis.  I believe different things work different people and the trick is finding the right balance for yourself. I believe we truly cant love or be happy until we love ourselves and a huge part of that is being healthy and balanced.  I am certainly not a doctor but I am going to share what works for me! It is SO important to eat healthy (at least 80% of the time, the occasional splurge is good for yourself).  Your body is your temple so take care of it and treat it well. I put in the energy I want to put out.  Make time for yourself! Being an adult is certainly not the easiest or most fun!...

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Serendipity: Ser. en. dip. i. ty (n) An unsought, intended, and/or learning experience, that happens by accident and sagacity.

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