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Welcome to The Serendipity Place!

I would love for you to consider this your #1 resource for spiritual empowerment. Whether you’re spiritually curious or totally obsessed, I want help you grow and deepen your connection to your own intuition.

I offer healing sessions, private readings, psychic parties, spiritual development classes, guided meditations, and all sorts of goodies in my shop.

My role as your psychic is to tune into your highest power and bring forth messages of healing. All of the work and everything I’m about is always in service of your highest good. I’m proud to be creating a positive, approachable, and inclusive spiritual community here in The Serendipity Place.


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Professional Bio 

Kristina Paige, also known as The Boston Psychic, is the founder and intuitive in chief at The Serendipity Place. Aside from an avid crystal lover and psychic medium, Kristina is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and intuitive healer. Born with the natural gift of intuition, she was guided to tap into her gifts and began my own psychic development and journey at the age of 21. 


In the fall of 2017, Kristina opened up The Serendipity Place in her hometown of Framingham to spread spiritual empowerment. She offers healing sessions, psychic readings, spiritual development classes, guided meditations, and more. 

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