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Psychic Readings

 A way to get some guidance, insight, and enlightenment in your life. The Boston Psychic, Kristina uses her psychic gifts of tuning into energy and spirit to bring forth messages in addition to using tarot and oracle cards. After a reading you will feel uplifted, inspired, and clear. Readings are a great way to turn inwards and work on your higher self.   


Energy Healing

An alternative medicine practice for overall wellness. Kristina is a Reiki Master and int using her gifts as well as knowledge and teachings to tune into the energy system of the body creating flow and alignment. Her intuitive gifts can find energetic blockages in the energy system and even of past lives. Using Reiki she works on the seven major chakras that effect both health and wellbeing. Most feel lighter; more relaxed, stress-free, and uplifted after a session. Some people have shared that they feel each time they feel refreshed and more enlightened. Occasional messages of guidance from spirit come through during the healing session that give validation to feelings and what is going on in life.


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