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Big Announcement!

The majority of my adulthood I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the spiritual field. I've spent years attending different classes, workshops, and certifications improving my gifts to share with the world and still continue to learn as often as possible. This past year I worked on establishing a website as well as maintaining social media accounts to start spreading the word about what I wanted to do. A few months ago I began my search for some sort of location to work out of and offer my services locally and one day I walked into a space I knew could be it! After going through all sorts of obstacles of getting the space and all the legal parts of beginning a business I commited! So with all of the emotions in my mind and heart I'm y excited to announce that I will be opening the store of my dreams in my hometown of Framingham! The Serendipity Place is located right in the heart center of Framingham at 937B Worcester Road! Please stay tuned and follow me on here, Facebook, and Instagr for all event dates including the grand opening!

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