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Tips for a balanced lifestyle

It's easy to think about eating well and making sure you get enough sleep everyday. But in reality how many of us are actually following through on a regular basis. I believe different things work different people and the trick is finding the right balance for yourself. I believe we truly cant love or be happy until we love ourselves and a huge part of that is being healthy and balanced. I am certainly not a doctor but I am going to share what works for me! It is SO important to eat healthy (at least 80% of the time, the occasional splurge is good for yourself). Your body is your temple so take care of it and treat it well. I put in the energy I want to put out. Make time for yourself! Being an adult is certainly not the easiest or most fun! I try to treat myself once a week... whether I go to the salon, pick out a book or magazine I want to read for myself, take myself out on a date, or even do some sort of creative project. In those times and activities I use them as meditation time.


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